Royal Kirana Spa in Ubud, Bali

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Q) Is there any transportation service?

A) Yes. We provide free transportation services within Ubud area and between DFS Galleria (from DFS 10:30 / to DFS 18:30).


Q) Can I have a meal at Royal Kirana Spa & Wellness?

A) Yes. We provide selection of light meal service at our Spa Garden & Lounge at additional cost, but we don't serve alcohol. Guests are not allowed to bring their own meal from outside to Royal Kirana Spa & Wellness.


Q) What about payment?

A) We accept cash (Indonesian Rupiah) and credit cards (VISA, AMEX, Diners, Master & JCB). Checks are not accepted.


Q) Is there any age limit?

A) Yes. Since our treatment is not developed for children, we only offer the treatment to guests aged 13 years and over. Out of consideration for the guests who are relaxed in a quiet place, the use of spa facilities (private villas and Spa Lounge & Garden) is also limited to guests aged 13 years old and over.


Q) Should I bring extra clothes?

A) Please bring your own swim suits to enjoy spa facilities. We provide things you need for the treatment such as disposable paper shorts, towels and gowns.


Q) I want to visit Royal Kirana Spa & Wellness the day I leave Bali. Do you keep my luggage?

A) Yes, we have a room to keep guests' luggage. Please fully enjoy our Spa Lounge & Garden. It's open till 9:00 PM.


Q) Do I need to bring my own cosmetics?

A) Basic skin care products, shampoo and conditioner are available, but we don't have makeup products. Please bring your own with you. When you use spa facilities, you may be exposed to the sun, so we recommend to bring and apply sun care products.


Q) Can male guests enjoy Royal Kirana Spa & Wellness treatment?

A) Yes, Royal Kirana Spa & Wellness treatment is developed for both male and female guests. It is popular among male guests as well.


Q) What if I am pregnant?

A) We suggest the treatment which fits to expectant mother, but we recommend you to ask your doctor before the treatment. Buggy cart is available for transportation within our spa. Please ask at the time of booking.


Q) What if I have sensitive skin?

A) Royal Kirana spa & Wellness treatment products are developed for all skin type. If you have specific problem with your skin, please ask at the time of booking.